Your smart home with


Economy of the used electricity

Remote control from every point in the world

Compatible with every kind of electrical wiring

Certified quality and security

No need for an additional hub

Integratable with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and more.

Shelly is one of the fastest developing IOT brands for smart home devices in the world

Inspired by our user's dream to live peacefully and happily, we create devices with attention to the smallest details and our main mission is to make IoT technology easily accessible, fast and intuitive for every user and their home or office. In just a few years, Shelly is already in over 100 markets, and every 2 minutes a Shelly device is installed somewhere in the world. The company has three headquarters - one in Europe - Bulgaria, one in the USA - Nevada and one in Asia - Shenzhen.

Over 100 markets

Every 2 minutes a Shelly is installed

Headquarters in Europe, North America and Asia

The best solution for your needs, wishes and budget

Shelly devices are suitable for both your home and office, hotel, manufacturing facility, etc. Shelly Installers Bulgaria will make sure that you find the best solution based on your needs. Shelly’s smart solutions can lead to significant electricity and energy savings while simultaneously providing convenience, security and easy remote control no matter where you are.

Small, easy to control and certified for quality

Shelly products are the smallest of their kind, which makes their installation in the electrical system or behind an electrical switch or outlet easy and hassle-free without in any way disturbing the aesthetics of the space. They connect directly to the Wi-Fi network and can be directly controlled – without the need for a hub or the purchase of an additional gateway. Users can manage their Shelly devices through the convenient Shelly Cloud mobile app. In addition, Shelly devices are fully compatible with popular home automation platforms – Alexa, Google Home, iOS, Home Assistant, SmartThings and many more. Shelly’s devices are CE and UL certified, which are among the highest honors for safety.