Shelly will assist you to build a comfortable smart home, which follows your schedule and preferences

Smart home

“Smart home” is an automated system for remote control of the home with remote access – via the mobile phone. The smart system interconnects all appliances and devices in the home, thereby automating their processes according to personal preferences and schedules or depending on the time, day of the week, sunrise/sunset, light level and other specific conditions. The Smart Home installation allows the user to control security, temperature, lighting, as well as all other electrical appliances completely remotely and from anywhere in the world.

Automate the activity of

Current temperature
Energy consumption
State of door or window
Detection of motion
Gas alarm

Be always informed for the current state of your smart home.

Using the Shelly Cloud mobile app, create custom schedules and scenarios to activate or deactivate lights and/or electrical appliances in your home. Under pre-set criteria, the Shelly smart home system can inform the user of the presence of an event and at the same time cause the automatic activation of the action of another Shelly device that is pre-set to perform an action in case of the initial event.

The Shelly device can be set to activate different personalized scenarios based on hour,light or different other factors.