Optimize your energy expense at your home and business with Shelly

Smart control

of the used energy

The record surge in electricity for businesses has led to the search for alternative solutions to deal with rising bills. Process automation is one of the preferred and proven most effective methods for the optimization of electricity and heat energy costs for business or home use. It is now also fully accessible through the smart devices from the Shelly line.


Process automation and energy consumption monitoring can help reduce monthly costs by up to -30%.

Control from every point of the globe

Forgotten lighting or electrical appliances are no longer a problem thanks to automation from Shelly. With the free Shelly Cloud mobile application, you can control your smart home or office no matter where you are.

With the app notifying you if unusual power consumption is detected, giving you chance to respond accordingly.

Контрол от всяка точка на света
Прецизен мониторинг на консумираната електроенергия

Precise monitoring of the consumed energy

In the conditions of an energy crisis, any optimization of processes benefits offices that have large working spaces or their own buildings, as well as companies where most processes depend directly on machines with high electricity consumption. Shelly’s smart devices can inform you if a machine has been left on and is consuming energy outside of working hours, as well as giving you the ability to turn it off remotely.

Analysis of the data and optimization of expenditure

Shelly series energy meter devices offer free storage of all measurement data and statistics in a cloud for the past 365 days. The stored consumption data helps in cost forecasting and allows any business or home owner to reduce their electricity costs.

Анализ на данните и оптимизация на разходите
Осветление, но само когато и където е нужно

Lighting only when needed

Most public and business buildings have central lighting, which covers not only operational areas, but also corridors, staircases, rest rooms, storage rooms. A large part of these premises are not used throughout the day. Shelly’s smart devices can help optimize energy consumption by automating lighting and setting it to turn on/off at specific times based on season or weather conditions, motion detection, and other conditions.

Shelly devices can be set to activate different custom scenes based on time, light or different actions.

Intelligent control of your heating with the help of Shelly TRV

Get control over the radiators in your home or office no matter where you are. The Shelly TRV starts/stops and adjusts the heating power, and through Shelly’s free mobile app you can set different settings and personalized operating profiles to easily and quickly adjust the temperature in the room.

Интелигентен контрол на отоплението с Shelly TRV

Shelly TRV can be set to activate different custom scenes based on time, temperature or different actions.