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About us

Our devices

Consumers are increasingly looking for products to make their busy lives easier and more convenient. Such are the smart home automation devices of the Shelly brand, part of the innovative technology company Allterco.

Our mission

To make the IoT world accessible to everyone by providing users with the best automation solution for their home, office, corporate or production building through a personal consultation and offer tailored to their needs, desires and budget.

Shelly Installers Bulgaria is part of the network of professional installers of the IoT brand Shelly. Our experts will help you with the entire automation process – from consultation and project- to on-site installation and system setup. Shelly Installers Bulgaria provides support at the highest level from our team of specialists with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge.

How can we be of use?

Our team of professional Shelly installers will listen and consult you so that we together can create a customized home or office automation plan that fully meets your needs, desires and budget. Our team will be there for you not just during every step of the process, but also afterwards if you need software or technical assistance. Your smart home is just a few steps away.

Apply for survey

Apply for a survey of your building.

Our consultant will get in touch with you.

Scheduling an appropriate for both parties date and hour.

Surveying of the location by Shelly’s team.

Creating a project and initial price offer for your home/building with accordance to your needs.

Scheduling an appropriate date for installation.

Installation, mounting, setup and instruction on the usage of the devices.

Support and maintenance.